XPLORE Rules of Play

  • Minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian or an adult authorized by their legal guardian (in each case, the “Supervisor”). The Supervisor shall be responsible for supervising the minor(s) at all times and for ensuring that all rules and regulations are observed.
  • The XPLORE staff is present to help maximise the children’s enjoyment from the play experience, but they are not and should not be in any way considered as a replacement for the Supervisor.
  • For safety reasons, all visitors are not allowed to climb the slides, or play in front of the slide exits, or climb on the netted walls or the system structures. Balls or other objects from the galleries must not be thrown.
  • The XPLORE staff may draw the visitors’ attention to certain health and safety regulations, to which the visitors undertake to adhere.
  • Visitors are advised to leave all valuables at home and keep their belongings with them at all times. XPLORE provides a few small lockers, but does not accept liability for any loss or theft that may occur.
  • A variety of special effects (including sudden loud effects and strobe lighting) may be used in certain visitor areas of XPLORE. It is recommended that visitors with high blood pressure, heart conditions or other medical conditions ask XPLORE staff for further details and avoid areas of XPLORE where such special effects are used.
  • The XPLORE staff may refuse entry. In addition, the XPLORE staff may request that a visitor leave, especially in the event of fighting, bullying, or any other abusive, aggressive, or inappropriate behaviour towards the XPLORE staff and/or other visitors and/or members of the public.
  • No pets or animals are admitted to the XPLORE galleries except for guide dogs and hearing dogs.
  • No sharp objects may be taken into any of the XPLORE galleries or Aquarium.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, play with fire or consume alcohol within XPLORE.
  • Only food and drink purchased in XPLORE may be consumed on the premises.
  • No food or drink items are allowed on any of the play equipment. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited.
  • When visiting the Aquarium, please do not bang on the glass tanks, use flash photography or feed the fish. Visitors must wash their hands after using the touch pool.
  • Please report any accidents and/or inappropriate behaviour and/or any damage to XPLORE property to a member of the staff.

Emergency telephone number: 166

Fire Department telephone numbers: 199

Name and telephone number of XPLORE Μanager: Argyro Psarra (+30 6948301457)

Operation Permit No: 10972/2019

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